Terms & Conditions of Kenuja Online Shopping Center (Pvt)Ltd

Kenuja Online Shopping Center (Pvt) Ltd is always responsible for delivering the products you order accurately and with the highuest quality.
If we did not send you the product or item you ordered, please let us know within 7 days (one week).We will refund the product or item and refund your money.
Special Note:
Garment products cannot be recalled for health reasons, so read the full product details and proceed to purchase compatible products.
Also, before we place an order with you, our agents will make sure that it is carefully inspected and packaged in a safe and secure manner, and that products that are damaged by your hands will not be accepted again.
    All complaints will be considered responsibly by the Director and all complaints should be sent through the following channels
Kenuja Communication <kenujacommunication@gmail.com>